Are you passionate about photography and want to experiment with film photography? Have you discovered your love for photography on a smartphone, but fancy experimenting with a camera? Have you always shot film but never had the opportunity to shoot medium format?

If you answered yes, then join me on a 1 or 2 day photography workshop and together we will explore the wonderful photography opportunities in Oban and Argyll. You will enjoy the benefits of spending a day immersed in photography surrounded by nature. All workshops are strictly limited to 1 or 2 participants.

We will discuss your photography interests, in detail, before you join the workshop. This will allow us to tailor the workshop to develop your photography, and introduce you, to new experiences.

A printed portfolio of your photographs is included when you choose a 2 day workshop. Portfolios will be created in my purpose built darkroom and print studio.

What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • Nothing like the big group, one "star" expert leader experience. Although I was nervous about my limited skills, I was put right at ease and learned so much I can hardly believe the quality of my photos... Run, don't walk, to take a day-long photo walk or a week-long residential tour. I will be back!

Wonderful. How much does it cost?